“Rebecca is a gifted healer with an almost magical sense of what needs to be done to help a client. In addition to being a gifted acupuncturist, she also has a wonderful healing presence. Because Rebecca models healthy living herself and does the spiritual practices and physical exercise necessary stay in balance and keep her heart open, she is a strong advocate for clients making similar lifestyle choices. This leads to long-term changes. Rebecca believes in helping clients learn to live in a way that chronic conditions will no longer be chronic and true healing can happen. With both gentleness and strength, she combines different healing modalities to create a peaceful, healing environment -- while never letting clients off the hook if she feels that they are falling short of treating themselves exceptionally well. I have benefitted greatly from my time in Rebecca's care and have made many of the lifestyle choices she advocated with exceptional success.”-CG
“I have always found acupuncture to be a very effective treatment for my various health issues, ranging from colds and allergies to rheumatoid arthritis and fibromyalgia, but never more effective than under Rebecca Snyder's very gifted care. My previous experiences, though quite satisfactory, were not in the Five Element tradition, and I think that, along with Rebecca's understanding and intuition, have allowed me to make marked improvements in my health. The Five Element approach seems concerned with treating the whole person, emotionaly and spiritualy as well as physicaly, so it's important to be treated by a person whom you can trust. Rebecca's very much that person, professional and knowledgeable as well as warm and compassionate.” -JH
“During and after sessions with Rebecca, I have experienced an inner calm from which I can draw when I begin to feel depressed. My depressive bouts are less frequent, not as intense and lift more quickly than before treatment. I have had releases that moved me through the sadness I hold in my body, creating more room in my mind when I meditate. Overall, I have experienced a feeling of expansion in my mind and body.”-JW

“Since the treatments I have been shifting my lifestyle by incorporating a healthy diet, exercise and positive outlook. As a result, the migraines have lessened and are less severe. I feel that my goal has been met. Thank you, Rebecca, for your hard-work and dedication to me and to the art of acupuncture. This is truly your gift to the world.” �JB
“It was a rather severe back injury that really got me to realize the incredible healing powers of these treatments. On April 5 I was injured at work causing me to have constant back pain that radiated down my right leg, especially when seated and driving a car. Three weeks of doctors visits and physical therapy were no help. I finally got around to rescheduling with Rebecca for treatments reguarding this injury on April 28. I was driving to the clinic in a considerable amount of pain, radiating from my back all the way to my right foot. At the clinic Rebecca carefully evaluated my condition and the source of my pains. During the treatment I noticed an immediate improvement and I drove home virtually pain free. Now a day and a half latter I sit writing this letter in comfort. This is the closest thing to a miracle I have ever experienced.” -RV
“After two years of being run-around by doctors and no answers, I decided to try acupuncture. Treatments from Rebecca has improved my health significantly. I’ve never felt better in years. Rebecca is what an ideal “doctor” should be – patient, a great listener, land keeps record of everything about you from your mental well-being to your physical health. Everything is taken into account. Rebecca has connected a lot of dots that I’ve been looking for. I am grateful for her guidance and services.” - KB
“I feel truly fortunate in that I have been receiving acupuncture from Rebecca periodically, for the past two years. She is dedicated, knowledgeable, patient and compassionate. Through her care I consistently experience: a reduction of the pain and swelling caused by my severe rheumatoid arthritis; marked relief of symptoms related to GERD and irritable bowel syndrome; a lessening of the frequency and intensity of "hot flashes" due to menopause; and improvement in my mental and emotional states above and beyond what antidepressant medication alone has been able to provide. God bless you Rebecca for giving me a better life.” - RW