Rebecca is a Maryland licensed, nationally certified Diplomate in Acupuncture (NCCAOM) with over twenty years experience in Chinese medicine. Rebecca earned a Masters degree in acupuncture from Tai Sophia Institute in 2006, and a BA from NYU in Art History and Asian Religions in 1990. She completed a two-year post-graduate course in acupuncture clinical integration with Lonny Jarrett, M.Ac in 2009. Previously, Rebecca had a 10 year career in massage therapy, specializing in shiatsu and chi gong healing. Trained in chi gong and tai chi chuan by Master Tai Peter Hom of New Orleans, Rebecca holds a Level 2 Teaching Certificate from Sifu Hom.

My Story

In my 20 years as a practitioner, student and patient of Chinese medicine (CM) I continue to be amazed and impressed by this subtle, strong and safe medicine. My interest in CM started in 1995 in San Francisco, where I studied shiatsu (Japanese acupressure) at the San Francisco School of Massage. I was immediately intrigued with art, science and mystery of “qi” (vital force) and all that could be accomplished, simply by applying pressure to acupoints on the body – and no side-effects!

In 1996, I moved to New Orleans and immersed myself in tai chi/chi gong with qi gong master, Tai Peter Hom, from whom I eventually earned my teaching certificate. At that time I was practicing 12 hours a week, and came to know first hand the benefits of living in harmony with the natural movements of life, or Tao, one of the goals of CM. My own mental state grew calmer, my body stronger, and my general health improved. My classmates transformed before my eyes - blood pressure dropped, weight was lost, neurosis were calmed, and new depths of understanding and insight were reached on every level. I remain deeply grateful to Master Hom for the self-healing method that he so devotedly taught to us.

My desire to bring this medicine to a wider group of people eventually had me moving on again, however. In 2003, I moved to Ellicott City, MD to attend Tai Sophia Institute. From there I earned my Masters of Acupuncture degree in 2006. Tai Sophia was the very first acupuncture school to open in the United States and more importantly, it is one of a very few acupuncture schools to this day that trains students to use Chinese medicine in a truly holistic capacity. We treat mind, body and spirit, defining spirit as the highest aspirations of human consciousness, and continually call ourselves as practitioners to the same high charge.

As my practice grows, I have continued to engage with the highest perspective of Chinese medicine. In May, 2009 I completed a two year post-graduate program with Lonny Jarrett, a leading teacher, author and practitioner of Chinese medicine as a medicine to nourish the greatness of human potential.

This is a very timely medicine, given the imperiled condition of our planet. It will take nothing less than a revolution of consciousness and awareness to meet the challenges of our times. I hope you will join my practice, in order to realize your own potential of health and to access and practice the best you have to offer life.